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Semi-Auto Baler
Semi Automatic Baler
High Compaction Force With a Huge Filling Chamber to Produce High Density Bales.

Product Description
Semi Automatic Balers are Ideal for Businesses Processing Large Volumes of Waste Materials Including Cardboard,
Paper, Shredded Plastic, Hard Plastic, Plastic Film, and PET.  They are Typically Used In Factories, Waste Recyclers
and Distribution Centers. They are Ideally Suited in Situations Where Vertical Presses are Much too Labor Intensive
to Handle the Volumes of Material.

The Fully Automatic Balers are Usually Continuously Fed on a Variety of Systems
eg Conveyor Belt, Forklifts or Suction Units. They are Suitable for Baling a Wide Range of Materials Including Paper,
Cardboard, PET and Composite Materials.

QIANGYE Manufactures the Most Extensive Range of Semi-Automatic Balers
in the Worldwide Market. With 7 Different Models across the Semi-Automatic Range, All Materials are Catered for.As
Semi-Automatic Horizontal Machines Process Waste against a Fixed Surface, Bale Density in these Machines often
Exceed that of Automatic Balers. The Machines are Capable of Processing up to 6 Tons of Material per Hour. 

Standard Features Include
*Bale Length Adjustable to Clients Needs and Optimise Transport Loads.
*Hydraulic Portcullis Door for Quick Operation.High Compaction Force for High Bale Density.
*Full Eject System for Easy Operation and to Avoid Cross-contamination. Bale chamber penetration.
*Available with Integrated Conveyors with Rubber or Steel Belts for a Turn-key System with Eject Cylinde.
*Strong and Aggressive Shear-blade Will Cut Most Materials.Hydraulic Reservoir with Regenerative Circuit.
*Japan Mitsubishi PLC and Chinese Famous Brand LCD Display.Left-hand or Right-hand Eject For Option.
*Sandblasted, Primed, and Painted Blue for Long Lasting Durability.Long Feed-opening For Bulky Materials.
*Chamber with SWEDEN HARDOX 500 Replaceable Wear Liners (Track-Way Plates).USA Vickers Oil Pump.


Model Capacity Bale Weight Bale Qty Bale Size(L*W*H)
BYB-50T 0.5 to 1.2 Tons/hr 100 to 150 KGS 5 to 8 Bales/hr            (800-1500)*900*600
BYB-60T 1.2 to 1.6 Tons/hr 150 to 200 KGS 5 to 8 Bales/hr            (800-1500)*700*900
BYB-80T 1.2 to 1.6 Tons/hr 150 to 200 KGS 5 to 8 Bales/hr            (800-1500)*914*660
BYB-100T 1.0 to 2.0 Tons/hr 200 to 250 KGS 5 to 8 Bales/hr            (800-1500)*914*830
BYB-120T 2.0 to 4.8 Tons/hr 450 to 600 KGS 5 to 8 Bales/hr            (800-1500)*1100*830
BYB-150T 2.5 to 5.6 Tons/hr 550 to 700 KGS 5 to 8 Bales/hr            (800-1500)*1100*830
BYB-200T 3.0 to 6.0 Tons/hr 600 to 750 KGS 5 to 8 Bales/hr            (800-1500)*1100*830
*Products Specification ​Subject to Change without Notice.
*Capacity is Based on Waste Paper.Bale Size Can be Changed As Per Buyer's Request. 

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