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We cordially invite you and your colleagues to visit our booth at N-EXP...


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Shredder Machine
Double Shaft Shredder

The Largest and Most Powerful High Torque Shear Shredder
High Performance and Versatility Makes it Ideal for Any Shredding Company

Product Description
Double Shaft Shredder is Specifically Designed for High Shock Load and Severe Duty Applications Such as
Steel Drum, Auto and Truck Tires, Castings, Municipal & Industrial Waste, Medical & Hazardous Waste, Pallets,
Mattresses, Wood Waste, High Volume Production Processing, e-Waste, Electronic Scrap and Various Others
Waste Materials.



Standard Features Include
*Cutting Chamber
Considered the Largest and Most Powerful High Torque Shear Shredder
*Drive System
QIANGYE Double Shaft Shredder Offers Electric/Hydraulic Systems. High Torque, Multi-Cam and Superior Closed
Loop Hydraulic Drive Systems Allow for Knife Tip Cutting Forces in Excess of 100,000KGS.

QIANGYE Engineers Design Each Knife Profile and Configuration to Suit the Application for Maximum Throughput
and Optimum Shred Size.

*Control Panel
QIANGYE Shredder’s Control Panel, Designed by Certified Technicians, Keyed Power Switch, Fused Lockable
Disconnect, Hour Meter and Programmable Logic Controller for Shredder Functions including Knife Reversal on
*Hopper and Stands
Quality is Evident in the Workmanship of QIANGYE’s Extra Heavy Duty Stand and Hopper. As an Option, The Stand
and Hopper can be Modified to Suit the Application or Installation.

*Hex Shafts
The Unique Design of the Machined Hex Shafts Maximizes Knife Placement Options and Allows for Easy Knife Removal
and Machine Maintenance. Size for size, the Hex Shaft is Several Times Stronger than a Keyed Shaft. QIANGYE Hex
Shaft Drive System Offers the Highest Knife Tip Cutting Force of Any Comparable Shredder on the Market.

Optional Features
*Boom Crane and Working Platform. Explosion Proof Motors.
*PLC Interfacing for Peripheral Equipment. Custom Stands and Hoppers. Feed and Discharge Conveyors.
*Pneumatic or Hydraulic Ram. Vibrating, Magnetic or Rotary Separation.Reduced Voltage Starters. Trailer Mounted.

Model Capacity Rotation Diameter Rotor Width Motor Power Machine Weight
TS-600I 700 to 1,000 KGS/hr ⌀280mm 600mm 15+15KW 2500KGS
TS-800I 1,000 to 1,500 KGS/hr ⌀430mm 800mm 22+22KW 5000KGS
TS-1000I 2,000 to 2,500 KGS/hr ⌀430mm 1000mm 37+37KW 7000KGS
TS-1200I 2,000 to 2,500 KGS/hr ⌀447mm 1200mm 37+37KW 6500KGS
TS-1200II 2,500 to 3,000 KGS/hr ⌀430mm 1200mm 75+75KW 8000KGS
*Products Specification ​Subject to Change without Notice.
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