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We cordially invite you and your colleagues to visit our booth at N-EXP...


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Shredder Machine
Single Shaft Shredder

High-Powered Performance, Compact and Efficiency

Product Description
High-powered Single Shaft Shredders Meet the High Standards of Quality and Performance Through Processing
of Municipal Solid Waste, Plastics, Wood, Rubber, Paper, Cardboard and Bulky Industrial Waste.
The machine guarantees High Productivity, Performance and Reliability. The Screen Allows for Various Output
Sizes, Preparing Material for Subsequent Processing.
Interchangeable Knives with a Wear-resistant Coating, Protects the Machine from Damage. This Makes for Quick
Maintenance, Minimizing Downtime. 


Standard Features Include
* Hydraulic Pusher Equipped with Angled, Serrated face for Positive grip.
* Four-Sided Rotor Knives Made from Tool Steel can be Rotated before Replacement.
* Swing Style Hydraulic Pusher Convenient for the Processing of Large Flexible Items and Bales.
* Hydraulic Drive and Low RPM Rotor Equipped with Hydraulic Pusher. Rubber Vibration Isolation Foot Pads.
* Hydraulic Pusher Has Variable Speed Dependent upon Motor Current Load. Access Doors for Quick to Rotor.
*Gear Reduced Drive with Matched "V" Belts and Fluid Coupling for Reduced Load Starting and Overload Protection.
Model Capacity Rotation Diameter Rotor Width Motor Power RPM Machine Weight
    S-600I            400 to 500 KGS/hr ⌀272mm 600mm 22KW 82 2400KGS
    S-800I            600 to 700 KGS/hr ⌀430mm 800mm 37KW 82 3900KGS
S-1000I            700 to 800 KGS/hr ⌀430mm 1000mm 45KW 82 4600KGS
S-1200I            800 to 1,000 KGS/hr ⌀430mm 1200mm 55KW 82 5500KGS
S-1500I            1,000 to 2,000 KGS/hr ⌀480mm 1500mm 75KW 82 7800KGS
S-1800I            2,000 to 2,500 KGS/hr ⌀480mm 1800mm 90KW 82 10500KGS
*Products Specification ​Subject to Change without Notice.
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